IT Outsourcing

At IT-Support, we offer value based outsourcing services that successfully integrate people, technology and business practice. We are in a league of our own in IT outsourcing excellence in Ireland.

IT Management

We provide excellent IT Managed Services and Support for companies who do not have their own in-house IT Professional.

Open Source Solutions

Transforming Open Source Technology into proven business advantage allows your enterprise to stay ahead of the field and maximise profits.

Linux Solutions/Support

We offer full range of linux solutions including enterprise grade system administration, designing system architecture and deployment.

Enterprise Storage

Sooner or later, your business will need more space for data storage. Information is the new lifeblood of most companies.

System integration

System integration is crucial to businesses that want to create a unified organisation in which a number of technology systems are inter-connected. TAs a leading supplier of system and software integration, we strive to deliver systems that help your business grow.

Remote Support

We offer an attractive alternative that reduces your need for on-site support staff by providing remote system management tasks

Voice Over IP

We offer full range of affordable business VoIP services options, including custom build, feature-rich IP phone systems.

Small Business Server

Thanks to the native compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange protocols, SMBs can transparently migrate their systems.


Virtualization nowadays is a must for any company with an IT infrastructure. It is environmentally friendly, saves time and money and is the most is the most effective way to reduce your business’ IT capital expenditure."