According to a recent study, 70% of Western European companies outsource. Our IT outsourcing services in Ireland have proven benefits, offering a genuine growth leverage for companies that subcontract all or part of their IT processes to us. In practical and strategic terms the choice of delegating IT responsibilities to a third party must be accompanied by serious guarantees. We provide you with all the necessary solutions and guarantees for the proper execution of your IT outsourcing by offering either near-shore or off-shore services, depending on your business needs.

At IT-Support, we offer value-based outsourcing services through successfully integrating people, technology and process. We are in a class of our own, our unique approach helping your firm plan proactively for any potential erosion of knowledge or skills. We ensure retention of critical information and key employees with our bespoke outsourcing services.

Who is outsourcing targeted at?

Outsourcing to foreign countries which are geographically close to our clients, is chiefly targeted at all companies wanting to reduce their operating costs.

Are you looking for:

  • Improved company margin and profitability?
  • A team of qualified professionals who speak your language?
  • Who are easily accessible?
  • With whom you share cultural similarities?
  • Who work during the same time the same business hours as you?
  • An access to more reasonable outsizing costs while remaining close to your provider?
  • A release from production team constraints?

Our IT outsourcing services in Ireland can provide exactly what you are looking for. We have successfully accomplished a wide range of IT outsourcing projects utilising our comprehensive experience and wide-ranging technical expertise. We have previously delivered numerous IT outsourcing solutions across sectors such as Automotive, Technology, and Financial Services. The flexibility of our outsourcing enables companies to benefit from consistent services accompanied by significant reductions in costs. We have previously worked with a range of companies from different sectors, helping them to successfully implement significant projects at substantially reduced margins.