Open-source solutions

The ability to transform Open-Source solutions into a business advantage can be a powerful catalyst in allowing your company to stay ahead of the competition and maximise your investment.
Our dedicated Open Source consulting services can help you effectively align your IT to your core business environment, offering innovation, speed of response in rapidly changing markets, stronger business results and a transformation of both IT and business services. To this end, we offer Open Source Support to help enterprises expand their businesses by developing and implementing solutions that are capable of performing across multiple platforms and infrastructures.


We help you in

  • Promoting the ability to access tailored solutions as per best business practices.
  • Maintaining cost-reductions, whilst preserving high lifetime values and continued client-to-company loyalty.
  • Accelerating time-to-market for new initiatives, new products and services.
  • Providing ease of expansion, coupled with quick and painless integration with distributed systems or other legacy systems.
  • Guaranteeing full compliance with industry standards requirements across the board.
  • Offering scalability, stability and security coupled with ongoing improvements in performance.
  • Providing Open Source training to help your company get the most from Open Source software whilst minimising potential risks involved.
  • Delivering information gathering through to implementation and maintenance support for Open Source solutions.

Our consulting services deliver integrated, end-to-end Open Source solutions and services to help you get it right first time, implementing the real business value of Open Source software into your business environment. Partnering with you, we collaboratively work to understand your business objectives and help you create the most effective and profitable strategies to implement solutions that will put your business vision into practice with real cost benefits.

Our enterprise consulting practice boasts one of the largest pool of certified professionals across the Open Source Support Ireland sector, specialising in different domains and industry verticals. We ensure that our consultants are specifically matched to your company’s needs, guaranteeing you high quality, flexible business solutions.